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Welcome to Design & Management Solutions Ltd. Formed in 1993 and based in the South West of England.

We provide design, management and support services for building management systems within the UK. We are a flexible organisation and can tailor our services to suit you.

Our clients are from a multitude of market sectors from hospitals, universities to military and major blue chip automotive.


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As CCTV systems continue to increase in sophistication we are able to provide resources to confidently design, configure and service these complex, integrated video management solutions.



Integrating expertise in mechanical, electrical and public health engineering, we design the systems that control building mechanical and electrical systems.

We create, design and implement efficient, effective infrastructure for heating, cooling, lighting and all the other systems a building needs. We also use these systems to create stimulating, productive environments.



The foundational value of operations is reliability. Network Reliability Engineering is our approach to network automation that stabilises and improves reliability, the by product of which is operational speed and efficiency.

Whether it's integrations and automation tools, or first-rate professional services, we are able to provide Cisco / Juniper validated solutions as building blocks to ensure your network is built using best practices.



We are able to provide a system audit on a management system to verify, by examination and evaluation of objective evidence that applicable elements of the system are appropriate and effective and have been developed, documented and implemented in accordance and in conjunction with specified requirements.

We provide third-party audit independent of the customer-supplier relationship and is free of any conflict of interest. Independence of the audit organisation is a key component of a third-party audit.


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We are able to assist in the design of quality management systems to make organisations perform for their stakeholders - from improving products, services, systems and processes, to making sure that the whole organisation is fit and effective.

Managing quality means constantly pursuing excellence: making sure that what your organisation does is fit for purpose and not only stays that way but keeps improving.

We understand that customers will be the most important group of stakeholders for the majority of businesses but investors, employees, suppliers and members of our wider society are stakeholders too. We can assist with system design to deliver an acceptable level of quality in your organisation which means knowing who your stakeholders are, understanding what their needs are and meeting those needs (or even better, exceeding expectations), both now and in the future.



Mechanical, electrical, and public health (MEP) are the organs of a building - what's needed to ensure safe, comfortable, working structures for human use and occupation. It's a changing landscape, where different sectors or building types require unique, sometimes cutting-edge, approaches.

Considered, proven, and practical mechanical, electrical, and public-health design solutions crafted in collaboration with the wider project team and supported by a robust delivery process.



When it comes to protecting a military establishment, office building, or commercial facility, intrusion protection is the first line of defence. Design and Management Solutions Limited offers a comprehensive set of technologically sophisticated security and alarm solutions. Most important, adding a critical layer of security wherever it's needed.

We are committed to assisting governments and affiliated organisations achieve their safety and security solutions. Our integrated security management system engineering, along with a wide range of products, allow government agencies to address a variety of unique safety and security challenges.



Deploying a complex system can be both challenging and time consuming. Design
and Management Solutions team are available to make deployments more efficient,
while ensuring configurations are built for optimised system performance.

The HVAC commissioning process is an integral part of the design, construction,
operation and maintenance of an HVAC system. The main goal of the commissioning
function is to ensure that a building's HVAC systems are operating correctly and
in the way in which the building owner intended.


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We provide complete HVAC / BMS design, incorporating buil1ding control, energy
management monitoring, intruder and access control systems, from Clients brief and specification to commissioning, witnessing and handover.

Whatever the size or complexity of your project, from a simple, stand alone, pre programmed BMS to large multi-building systems working across ethernet or fibre optic LANs with multiple control interfaces, Design and Management Solutions Ltd guarantees a professional, reliable, cost-effective service.



Our management teams offer a flexible, client-focused approach based on our wealth of experience across complex projects and programmes in every sector, from manufacturing and pharmaceutical to large utility corporations, education authorities and national infrastructure schemes.

We have the experience to deliver a course of action that manages the priority themes of the programme alongside risk, time, cost and quality; the leadership to inspire and motivate teams; and the passion and enthusiasm to drive value at every turn. By providing strong, expert leadership from the start, we give clients the level of confidence and assurance that they require. We develop programme delivery methodologies that are robust, transparent and based on experience drawn from large scale projects around the world.




Government facilities often have highly demanding requirements for their heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, such as implementation in laboratories. A Building and energy management system ensures that these systems operate effectively, efficiently and safely.


In the modern commercial environment Building ad Energy management systems play a key role in satisfying the aspirations of developer, tenant and owner-occupier.

Armed Forces

Military bases are generally large with numerous buildings spread disparately over the estate with a wide range of functions ranging from catering to heavy engineering; the versatility and flexibility of building and energy management systems makes the ideal solution the varied control system requirements.

IT / Data Warehousing

The management and business integration of alarms from nationwide networks of critical infrastructure premises such as switch sites and data centres is another of the varied applications of Building and Energy management systems; employed to identify faults, and deploy remedial responses thus minimising operational disruption.


Retailers are large consumers of energy for lighting, heating and refrigeration, making the rising costs of energy a major concern that needs to be addressed; a building and energy management system is a key tool in managing energy consumption whilst maintaining a pleasant and comfortable environment.


Modern passenger terminals are complex amenities providing the traveller with a wide array of facilities around the clock throughout every day of the year. Management and monitoring of the services serving these facilities with a building and Energy management system assures minimum running costs and maximum availability.


In the modern commercial environment Building ad Energy management systems play a key role in satisfying the aspirations of developer, tenant and owner-occupier.


Schools, and Further and Higher Education institutions are finding energy and other utility costs having a progressively greater impact on their expenditure.


Keeping site services running to meet the demands of a manufacturing plant whilst ensuring running costs are kept to a minimum is critical in the competitive arena of the manufacturing industry. Building and Energy management systems put energy control and management in to the hands of the facilities team.


Leisure and Entertainment facilities are large consumers of energy for lighting and HVAC, often running 24/7.

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